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April 04 2020

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Scenario 4
Remember, models aren't for telling you facts, they're for exploring dynamics. This model apparently explores time travel.

April 03 2020

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Collector's Edition
I'm sure you can find some suitable worldbuilding material if you scavenge through the archives.
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March 30 2020

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Pathogen Resistance
We're not not trapped in here with the coronavirus. The coronavirus is trapped in here with us.

March 27 2020

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6-Foot Zone
Technically now it's a 34-foot zone.

March 25 2020

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Recurring Nightmare
Oh thank goodness, I forgot my clothes, so now everyone's looking embarrassed and backing away.

March 23 2020

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So excited to see everyone after my luxury cruise home from the World Handshake Championships!

March 20 2020

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To picture 10^18, just picture 10^13, but then imagine you connect the left side of the 3 to close off the little bays.

March 18 2020

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Coronavirus Worries
Offscreen, bottom left: Whether the custom :coronavirus: Slack react emoji you just added was public domain or whether you should have put a Creative Commons credit somewhere

March 16 2020

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Coronavirus Research
"Also, reading 500 coronavirus papers in a row and not sleeping? Probably not great for you either, but I haven't found any studies confirming that yet. I'll keep looking."

March 13 2020

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2010 and 2020
2030: "I just bought a house for one bitcoin. No, it's the equivalent of a dollar. Houses are often transferred for a nominal fee because the buyer is taking responsibility for containing the holo-banshees in the attic."

March 11 2020

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This medicine says it may cause lightheadedness, dry mouth, and blurred vision, but my head feels incredibly heavy, water is pouring from my mouth, and I can see individual hummingbird wingbeats, so I think I'm fine.

March 09 2020

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Scientific Briefing
"I actually came in in the middle so I don't know which topic we're briefing on; the same slides work for like half of them."

March 02 2020

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Coronavirus Name
It's important to keep the spider from touching your face.

February 28 2020

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Stargazing 3
If we can destroy enough of the lights in our region, we may see more comets, but that's a risk we'll have to take.

February 26 2020

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Truck Proximity
See also: Farm animals and dinosaurs. I am so confident that there exists children's media that involves dinosaurs driving trucks on a farm that I'm writing this without even Googling to check.

February 24 2020

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Ringtone Timeline
No one likes my novelty ringtone, an audio recording of a phone on vibrate sitting on a hard surface.

February 21 2020

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Grandpa Jason and Grandpa Chad
The AARP puts the average age of a first-time grandparent close to 50, and the CDC has some data. But I don't have first-parent age distributions for specific names, or generational first-child age correlations, so the dotted line is just a guess. Still, let's be honest: No further research is really *needed.*

February 19 2020

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Picking Bad Stocks
On the news a few days later: "Buzz is building around the so-called 'camping Roomba' after a big investment. Preorders have spiked, and..."

February 17 2020

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Phylogenetic Tree
And I was kicked out of my March Madness pool because I wouldn't shut up about the evidence for NBA/ABA endosymbiosis.

February 14 2020

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Further Research is Needed
Further research is needed to fully understand how we managed to do such a good job.
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